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    As a integrated manufacturer, it always focus on products design、R&D、mould processing、spare parts production、assembly and sales to become outstanding manufacturer and supplier in this industry.

    Our company owns state-of-the-art mould development team. Processing center’s equipped with Japanese Makino F series vertical processing machine. The machine works in constant temperature with 1℃ variation, and the vertical & horizontal precision of lathe in total excursion can be 0.005MM. Processing center owns several vertical processing machine like FANUC, Yifa, Tiezheng to process mould production’s key steps.

    Spark process unit has introduced AQ mirror spark machine from SODIC, and has equipped with one auto machine & long stroke manual machine to assist mould production.

    With the help of precisive grinding machine unit & professional bench workers, they will complete the finishing of post molding procedures. Also, we have Haitian injection molding machine to test run the mould after manufacturing.